Rhino Rack Tie Down Straps - 10FT | RTD3

Rhino Rack Tie Down Straps - 10FT | RTD3

Roof Rack Parts by Rhino Rack

Keeping your load stable and protected while on the move is a simple task when using our 3m / 10ft Tie Down Straps. Our Tie Down Straps are made from heavy duty 25mm / 1" polyester webbing which ensures they won't rip or fray. They also feature a metal buckle for secure fastening and boast a lashing capacity of 225kg / 496lb.


Additionally Tie Downs Straps are the perfect alternative to using stretchable, bungee style cords. This is due to them being far safer to use and the fact that Rhino-Rack does not warrant your roof racks when used in conjunction with bungee style cords.


  • Made from tough 25mm / 1" polyester webbing
  • A safer and more reliable alternative to using ,bungee style cords (which are not warranted by Rhino-Rack)

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